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London Fashion week outfit: vintage 20s

I borrowed some 20s vintage off my friend Irma for LFW. I really love the cloche hat so much I’m going to get one myself.

Me and Akeela from Head in the Clouds – she looked amazing with her 20s finger waves.

Potential LFW outfit: 60s colour blocking

I might wear this to London Fashion Week tomorrow. Yay or Nay?

It’s my party and I wear what I want to

It’s the office Christmas party, and I can’t quite be bothered to dress up. So I’ve opted for one of my favourite dresses this black t.b.a. smock with a gold beaded collar.


It’s a Throwback

On my way to the first ever vintage event I’ve organised, Throwback.

All you need is love

My brother got married yesterday. I went for a 20s meets the 60s monochrome with fake fur look.

Occasionally I do colour

New late 60s psychedelic dress.

This autumn I will be doing my best Avengers impression

Just bought this bad boy on Etsy: vintage Sixties  suede cape