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My favourite 60s couple: George Harrison and Pattie Boyd

Style muse: Michelle Phillips

I adore Michelle Phillips of The Mamas & The Papas, not only an incredibly beautiful woman but also someone with great style.

Style muse: Britt Ekland

She’s just ridiculously beautiful. Not to mention she was married to Peter Sellers and dated Rod Stewart – top choices!

Also do check out some amazing scans of her on (Diet)Coke and Sympathy

Style muse: Peggy Lipton

Peggy Lipton, model turned actress (and wife of Quincy Jones), to me epitomises the late 60s Californian style

Style muse: Uschi Obermaier

When I was a kid I was completely enthralled by Uschi Obermaier – a German model and poster girl for 60s hippiedom. Uschi, her boyfriend Rayner Langhans and their wild ‘free love’ commune – Kommune 1 – often came up in my dad’s recollections of his late Sixties youth (Sadly, his own hippie plans of running off to Afghanistan were foiled by my mother, who couldn’t quite see the romance in trekking across Asia in a camper van).

I am James Bond

I was randomly watching James Bond spoof Casino Royale (1967) the other night and now can’t stop thinking about the amazing hair and make-up on show – not to mention the clothes. If I end up buying a pink baby doll, you know what to blame it on.

Style muse: Marilyn in Something’s Gotta Give

I watched Marilyn’s last (and unfinished) movie yesterday, she died while Something’s Gotta Give was in production. She looks incredibly beautiful.