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La dolce vita

A weekend in Rome with my boy.

My Vintage London

I’m revealing my favourite London vintage shops, club nights, events and places over at The Vintage Guide to London

I’m in a New York state of mind

I’m finally off to New York, a city I’ve been fantasising about all my life but somehow never visited – until now. I’ve got weird expectations of what New York will be like, a cross between Twenties metropolis, Sixties beatnik haven and a few Warriors thrown in for some rough.

Vintage days out: Paris

I recently blogged about a fantasy day in Paris, and the kind people of Paris Ile de France  very generously paid for my Eurostar ticket to turn it into reality. Hurray!

So off I went on Saturday, straight off to the antique shops and vintage dealers of Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen, an area with – no exaggeration – hundreds of antique dealers and vintage stalls. It’s an overwhelming experience, I really had no idea where to start as there are so many amazing treasures to be found. You can get anything from old postcards to furnishings, tableware and linens. I was really drawn to the many vintage clothing shops and have honestly never seen such a stunning collection of designer pieces, so that’s where all the vintage Chanel and YSL has ended up at! I also loved the Edwardian and Victorian jackets on sale, many in pristine condition.

Many of the furniture shops focused on Fifties and Sixties, and I was really tempted to invest in a Fifties atom newspaper rack.

I had lunch at this most fabulous little restaurant in the middle of one of the markets. Not that the food was any good but there was a lady singing Edith Piaf and the wine was cheap, which made more than up for my soggy sausages.

After des Puces I headed off to the Marais for some window shopping and to have a look at some vintage shops there. I found two, Kiliwatch and Free P Star (Metro: Rambuteau), which were both stacked full of the nastiest, cheapest second-hand crap sold at such high prices I had to take a double look at the price tags. Certainly not worth a visit if you’re a spoilt Londoner who can shop for top-end and yet affordable vintage every day of the year.

After a quick stroll around Montmartre it was time already to head back for the train, it couldn’t have been a more fabulous day.

Paris, je t’aime

I’ve been daydreaming about a long-overdue trip to Paris. Gosh, now that I think about it, I haven’t been once this year, how could I! If I had some serious money and could spend my dream weekend in Paris, here is what I would do:

My friend Tara who runs the fabulous, Paris-based  Oh La La Vintage has invited me so many times to spend a day with her, attending one of her vintage masterclasses and just spending the afternoon rummaging in her enormous treasure trove of vintage delights while sipping some champagne. Last time I saw her in London she gave me the most fantastic Forties red vintage dress (which I wore to Rhythm Riot), so I’d love to find out what other amazing gowns she has unearthed.

I could also do with a trip to my favourite Parisienne shopping mecca, the Marais. Free P Star (on 8 Rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie), is supposed to be one of the best vintage shops in town, and affordable at that.  Come on Eileen (16-18 rue des Taillandiers) is another must recommended by my friend Lucie, who said it was like a fashion museum rather than a vintage shop. I just adore YSL and am dreaming of owning some Courrèges – not even mentioning Chanel – so I just must go there and check out their designer vintage section.

The Sant Ouen flea market is also top of my list, it’s the most enormous place stuffed full of antiques and vintage. Considering how much I love art deco (which originated at the Paris World Exposition), I’m sure I could spend a fortune there.

I also like the sound of the Passage du Grand Cerf, which has tons of craft stores and design shops.

Lastly, I’d love to just sit in a cafe, sip on a coffee, read the New York Herald Tribune and imagine I’m the terrific Jean Seberg in Breathless or the adorable Virginie Ledoyen in 8 Women

Ate logo

I am off to Brazil via Germany tomorrow, which means I will be shamefully neglecting this blog for the next month. Well, given my internet addiction, I will quite possibly be online again tomorrow…
Anyways, as I’m getting ready for Sao Paulo, here are some seriously well-dressed paulistanos:






I demand to have some booze

My friend Michelle has threatened to dress like a Liverpudlian WAG unless I immediately post some Berlin street style. I shall oblige. To me, typical Berlin style is minimalist, classic, tailored with great accessories and a strong 80s influence.




pictures from Street Clash, Stil in Berlin and Facehunter