About Style High Club

Style High Club is a personal style blog featuring vintage news, up and coming designers, shopping tips and unusual style muses.

Style High Club founder Lena Weber  is a freelance writer and editor specialising in all things vintage. She lives in North London with an ever growing collection of vintage bits and bobs including boxes full of 30s cigarette cards and 60s dinner plates. In love with all things Beatles, Lena loves a good beehive and is mildly obsessed with the Rolling Stones WAGs. She is also the founder and editor-in-chief of The Vintage Guide to London

“Despite my Teutonic genes (or because of perhaps?) I have been addicted to fashion from infancy.  I grew up in the Bermuda triangle of fashion, otherwise known as the Southern German countryside, where personality is rarely expressed through fashion.”

Luckily plenty of travelling and an acute obsession with the Beatles as a teenager opened my eyes to all things vintage, Sixties and tailored – phew!”

26 responses to “About Style High Club

  1. you are such a cuttie!!!

  2. you are doing great keep it up Bunny!!

  3. Just want to thank you for chosing my pic “the street”. Regards. Max (amx22 Flickr)

  4. aww, i love that sweater and the description of your childhood!

  5. hello i am a girl who also love fashion so much,from Taiwan: )
    I found ur blog by google when I search”Mellisa Vivienwestwood”
    Here is just like a different world

    my country is not really fashion
    few people get style
    even VOGUE Taiwan learn other country every month

    may I ask u some question but if u don’t wanna answer is OK(forgive me my bad English)
    where is ur location???
    what’s ur job?or u are still a student?
    I’m just curious the girls who love fashion in this world
    Will u entry fashion industry someday?
    I am studying commercial design now
    I hope one day I can work in VOGUE

    sorry to bother u!but here’s really good cuz i can get some different information from another side
    thank u: )

  6. Sunny Chen, your wish is my command:
    – I live in London
    – The day job is in science PR, and no, I have no clue about science whatsoever
    – I do hope to do work in fashion some day and have got a project coming up that might give me the chance to do so.

    Good luck with your studies, and I hope one day you will write for Vogue, just go for it!

  7. thank u for replying me!:D
    Also good luck to you!to us!:)

  8. Hi FrauleinM,

    How nice to be added to you Christmas List.
    I hope Santa did bring you the necklace you want…

    Please by my new store and introduce yourself when you’re in Greenwich Village sometime!


    Laura Lobdell

  9. I’ve been coming here from time to time, cause I really enjoy reading about your eclectic but sophisticated taste…..
    but more than anything, I really love that sense of humor cleverly imbedded in your writings! 🙂

    To tell you a little bit about myself, I recently started working for this website called “roiworld” which is far from perfect at this moment…but hopefully it will be in the future..

    Often times I act as an advisor on American fashion, pop culture, etc…and the idea of “me” acting as an expert on American culture is just hilarious, but it sorta happened..

    I’m sure I’ll come back here soon, and I’ll tell you more then~!

  10. Hi Jessie,

    I’m really gald you enjoy my ramblings! Do tell me more about your fashion advice business, I’d love to hear more!x

  11. hi there, i just happened upon your site as i was searching up some google images of 1920s flapper dresses. i am inspired by vintage fashion and i find your website to be nothing but delightful. i am impressed by your taste, really. i am going to wear my flapper dress to my prom, and hopefully get a rise out of one or two teachers. i hope to read more on this site of your interesting findings, and to use them to progress myself further into the past!!!

  12. stylehighclub

    Hi Hilrowe,

    Oh wow, many thanks!

  13. Hi darling,
    i am a half southern german my self, so i totally get your humour.
    i have really enjoyed reading your pages.
    it has inspired me to show some of my knit designs online so that a blog like you can see them.

    carrying doing your good work and hopefully i will carry on doing mine.

    auf wiedersehen.

    avi xx
    i look forward to reading more

    • stylehighclub

      Hi Avi,

      Oh, could you please post the link to your knit designs? I’d love to have a look!

      Many thanks!


  14. Hey;
    Just discovered your blog- keep up the good work, it’s made me smile already! Hopefully my blog will become as established as yours soon.
    Finn x

  15. Guten Tag, FrauleinM,
    May be you wd enjoy visiting my site… Feedback wellcome.


  16. I love your blog! But I can’t seem to leave any comments — I just get a ‘discarded’. 😦

  17. I love your blog! it’s so cool!
    I follow you from Buenos Aires

  18. I have only now discovered your blog – quite why it has taken so long, I cannot explain other than to shrug and say “I’m a lazy sod!” – but it is love already.

    You have created such a beautiful space to dream and be inspired.

    Sarah x


  19. Very nice Blog! Will follow up it, lots of love from Berlin

  20. Love this blog….I am both jealous and in awe…totally beautiful…well done xx

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