Meet my sponsors: The Vintage Dressmaker


Irma, the creative brain behind The Vintage Dressmaker, is one of my really good friends. We got into vintage at roughly around the same time, and while I branched into the Sixties, Irma has developed a serious devotion to the Twenties.

Her passion for the decade and past fashion in general really shines through in the bespoke clothing she makes as The Vintage Dressmaker. Using vintage patterns, fabrics (where possible) and trimmings – from belt buckles to buttons – her designs are truly modern vintage versions of past styles.

What I love about her work process is that she’ll spend hours researching tiny little details such as fastenings or correct prints before embarking on designing, making sure everything is in keeping with how clothing would have been made in the past.

All her designs are unique and she makes everything by hand, so things are completely customisable. You can either take inspiration from her current collection or get in touch about any design – from the Twenties to the Seventies -you have in mind. 

We’re also currently working on a joint project, which will hopefully help resurrect the humble working girl daywear – so stay tuned!

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