Bravissimo – a review

Lingerie label Bravissimo got in touch with me the other day and asked me if I wanted to try out their unique fitting service and choose a free lingerie set. I’d already read a really interesting review about them on Retro Chick who had been asked to do the same thing. Curious, and admittedly very tempted by the free underwear, I went along to my bra fitting yesterday.

I have been to bra fittings before, once at M&S, once at Intimissimi, who’d both measured me with a tape measure and had each come to the conclusion I was a 32DD. I’ve followed their guidance and have stuck to the size eve since, although I have been failing to get many bras that fit right.

Just over a year ago, I also had to have quite a bit of skin removed on one of my boobs, which has left it slightly smaller and a different shape to the other one. Although the difference isn’t huge, some of my bras actually accentuate it, which shows under my clothing.

Bravissimo are aimed at women with bigger boobs, their range going from a D to KK cup, and uniquely they don’t measure you with a tape but fit you based on looking at your boobs. This is something that makes a lot of sense to me, I’ve never understood how measuring your chest circumference can tell you anything about what cup size to wear.

At my fitting appointment I was lead to a lovely, plush fitting room and allocated an assistant, Chantelle, who was both friendly and knowledgable. After looking at me in my bra, she went off to fetch a range of models and sizes. The first bra I tried on fit amazingly and evened out the difference in shape and size of my boobs.  I’d gone down a back size but up two cups, yet my boobs actually looked smaller. Chantelle asked me to put on my top again, a size 10 Topshop blouse, amazingly it was now visibly too big.

Once we’d established my size, Chantelle suggested different bra styles, and after trying on a simple T-shirt bra and a fancier balcony one, I settled for a Harmony set. I have to admit, there weren’t that many styles that appealed to me. I like my lingerie simple and minimal in vintage-inspired shapes and a lot of Bravissimo’s range steers towards a lot of lace in pastel colours – not really my thing. The Harmony bra, which comes with either thongs or briefs (I went for briefs) is one set whose design I really liked though.

Would I recommend Bravissimo?

  • Yes, definitely! I’m genuinely surprised what a huge difference wearing the right kind of bra makes – I’ve actually gone down a whole dress size, dresses and tops that were a bit tight now fit properly or are even too big.
  • The service was impeccable and my fitter, Chantelle, made sure I felt comfortable at all times, offering to leave the changing room in case I didn’t want to get changed in front of her.
  • In case you are not happy with a purchase or your bra starts getting uncomfortable once you start wearing it, you can return it.
  • It’s lovely to go lingerie shopping in style. Seriously, who wants to quickly grab a bra in a rush? Just like shoes or other items you wear a lot, taking your time and trying things on is essential.
  • The prize range is fine – I personally don’t consider £25 upwards for a bra very expensive, especially if it is well made and lasts for many months.

Is there a downside? The only thing that will stop me from exclusively shopping there in the future (and I will most certainly be back soon to get one or two more sets), is the limited range of design. I’m a What Katie Did or Riby and Peller kind of girl and would love to see more minimalist glamour.

Star rating? 4 out of 5.

6 responses to “Bravissimo – a review

  1. I had exactly the same style issue as you!

    I do need to go for a fitting at WKD so I know what size I am there as I’m having real trouble working it out!

    • Yes totally – I thought a lot of their bras weren’t very fashionable. Funny you are saying that, the first thing I did is check out WKD’s website to see if they stock my size. They don’t, arghhh! I need to go for a fitting there too now!

  2. Oooo, I love Bravissimo bras for fit but yes, a limited choice. i can vouch you’ll be a different size in WKD. I go up a back size and down a cup size which generally works xx

    • Interesting! I asked the Bravissimo girl about this and that’s exactly what she said I should try – go up a back and down a cup!

  3. I’ve always figured it works like this…
    If you go down a back size yer knockers will be thrust forward, meaning that more cup space is needed out front (as they have to go somewhere).
    A bigger back means Tom and Harry can spread out to the sides, so a smaller cup is needed.
    I’m guessing that’s why Bravissimo bras make you look smaller as they thrust your lady lumps forward making a smoother silhouette.
    I could be wrong I’m no bangers expert! I do love the fact there are many different terms for your mammary glands though.
    Tit tit!
    G x

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