The Festival of Britain

Designer Wayne Hemmingway’s  Vintage at Goodwood is going to be held in London this year as part of the South Bank’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Festival of Britain. An interesting idea, and something that has made me quite curious about the original Festival.

Held in 1951 to cheer up post-war Britain and to re-instill a sense of hope and national pride, the Festival mainly took part on the south bank of London’s Thames with smaller events all around the country. Although it looked back at British heritage, the main focus was on science, technology and a general outlook to the future.

This government information video from the time gives a great overview.

I love the look of the Festival, world exhibitions have always been hugely fascinating to me, and I’m curious to see what this year’s celebrations are going to be like. It’s rather ironic though that instead of looking towards the future, the main focus will be on our past. Have we finally lost our optimism?



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