The magazine of all magazines: Twen

I’m back in Germany for Christmas and have spent the last day going through my dad’s huge collection of Twen Magazine. Twen, a German mag published between 1959 and 1971, is my favourite publication of all times.

It was incredibly  risky and controversial in its message – go fuck around, go travel, enjoy life – long before ‘hippie’ or ‘sexual revolution’ became cultural buzz words. Some of my favourite articles include “Every woman needs two lovers” and “Everything you need to know about shitting”. Not to mention the incredible fashion spreads, done in colour, that showcase the avant-garde in fashion at the time.

4 responses to “The magazine of all magazines: Twen

  1. Mmmmm, the eyelashes in the final pic are my ultimate aim.

  2. This is incredible! x

  3. Victoria Nixon

    I’m searching for a Twen magazine that contains a ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ fashion spread by Hiroshi using me as the model, that I wish to feature in a book I’m writing. Problem is I’m not quite sure which issue it’s in – but pretty sure it’s January 1968 or February 1968. Would it be possible to ask your father if he has that particular issue – in which case I could buy or loan it or obtain scanned page copies from him, if possible. Would be so very grateful. x Victoria

  4. stylehighclub

    Hi Victoria,

    No problem at all, I’ll ask my dad! I’m intrigued now, did you work as a fashion model during the 60s?


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