Doc Martens: SS11

I’ve not worn Doc Martens since ca 1994 (boots, red) but I really love some of the shoes of the forthcoming SS11 collection, particularly the flower print models – tempted!

7 responses to “Doc Martens: SS11

  1. I’ve still have the red one (picture 5) bought in … 1987!! I ‘m thinking now about wearing them with grey jogging pants!

  2. I like the red ones and the the pink ones in photo #2. If they are soft and comfortable, too, I shall be looking forward to your updates!

  3. I don’t usually like DMs very much, but the floral ones are brilliant.

  4. I’m really digging those pink loafers! Still wear black docs from time to time, they’re a sturdy old stand-by

  5. I always end up going back to my DM’s they last FORVER. I have traditional black ones and I also have a cute pair of Mary Jane DM shoes which I may dig out again. They always come back aroung like Converse!

  6. have the given a release date yet?

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