Babyliss Big Hair – in detail

Yes sorry another post about the Babyliss Big Hair styler but after my enthusiastic review yesterday I was asked to do a more in-depth post on how it works. So here it goes.

I washed my hair this morning as usual, spritzed on some heat protection spray and pre-dried my hair with my normal hair dryer until it was damp but no longer wet. You can use the Babyliss styler on wet hair too, but damp is recommended.
Here’s me with my hair still damp before using the styler.

Now one thing I like about the styler is that you just plug it in and go, there’s no waiting around for it to heat up as you would with a straightener. As you can see the thing looks like a giant brush, it’s got three heat settings (cold, warm and hot) and the brush head rotates both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

All you do is take a section of your hair, hold the brush against the root and press the rotate button for your desired direction. It’s really not that tricky to figure out and if your hair gets stuck you simply stop the rotating and pull out the brush, easy.

Here’s me styling away, I especially love it for my fringe.

It doesn’t take very long at all to do a section. I have lots of very thick hair and if I use a straightener I have to go over sections many, many times to get them straight – the Babyliss is much quicker, it really only takes seconds. I was in a real hurry this morning and the whole styling (including taking pictures) took only about ten minutes.

Here’s me half styled, it gives a good comparison between finished hair and non-styled, big difference, huh!

And here’s me all done. I often wear my hair in this kind of very straight 60s style and honestly, using the styler is the quickest and easiest way of achieving it, so yes, I love it!

9 responses to “Babyliss Big Hair – in detail

  1. I LOVED your hair! so perfectly in place:) did you watch that program on the BBC about bringing back the high street? they had a 60s era the last week and featured a hairdressers and milk bar – im sure you’d love it!

  2. Oh thank you! Yes, I loved that episode! The hairdresser they go to to learn the 60s hair styles is my friend Leila who works at Nina’s Hair Parlour at Alfies Antiques (Marylebone). My favourite vintage hair dresser in all of London!x

  3. thanks for doing this Lena, your hair looks fantastic. I really like your cut and wow – it’s so soft and bouncy after the babyliss gadget. It’s officially going on my wish list. Have a great day, xo BHB

  4. Your hair looks lovely! Really sleek but without the over-straightened frazzled look! Do you think the magic toilet brush would work well on shorter hair? Mine’s chin-length – long enough to do the rolling around the brush thing whilst blowdrying (which I seldom do, because I loathe blowdrying – is the brush generally less hassle than using a hairdryer?) Sorry for asking so many questions. I’m intrigued by this baby!

    • Oh, thank you!

      Yeah I definitely think so! It works wonders on my rather short fringe so chin-length should be totally fine.

      I am with you on blow-drying, I hate it and generally can’t be bothered. But cause the magic toilet brush is so quick I do find myself using it quite a lot. All in all pre-drying my hair with my normal hair dryer and then using the brush takes about 10 minutes – compared to at least 20 to 30 minutes blow drying. Plus it’s far less faffing about.

      No worries if you have more questions, keep’em coming!

  5. Remington sent me their “volumestyler” – which I think is similar to your gadget but mine doesn’t actually spin. so far I like it for a smooth silky look but I’m left wondering if the “spin” makes a big difference. sigh .. many hair gadgets – so little time!

  6. Oh never heard of the Remington one, time to Google! I do think the rotating makes a big difference – you could just use the Babyliss without turning the rotating on but the hair doesn’t get the same shine plus it takes so much longer!

  7. I really like your reading through. Thanks so much, you describe the topic extremely effectively

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