Favourite hair gadget

Ok I never ever really put up product posts, especially not when the product I’m reviewing  was given to me by a PR, but this will be my exception to the rule.

The product in question is the Babyliss Big Hair styler. It’s essentially a big brush that heats up and rotates in your hair giving you the ultimate blow dry.
Now it’s not going to win any design prices (my boyfriend said it looked like a giant toilet brush – it really does), but damn, the thing works.

You can use it straight on wet hair but damp is ideal. I tried it out yesterday, having pre-dried my hair for a minute with my regular hair dryer, and I have to admit, it’s the quickest way to a shiny France Gall-esque 60s straight hair look ever. Forget straighteners, forget salon blow dries, this is the shit. Seriously.

2 responses to “Favourite hair gadget

  1. fascinating! I have to admit I am so skeptical about this thing though. Can you make a video on it, or show some step by step photos? pretty please? greetings from berlin!

    • Absolutely – I’ll try to do one tonight! It’s a bit tricky at first but honestly, I am seriously impressed. I’ve never ever had such shiny, soft hair before!

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