Style muse: Uschi Obermaier

When I was a kid I was completely enthralled by Uschi Obermaier – a German model and poster girl for 60s hippiedom. Uschi, her boyfriend Rayner Langhans and their wild ‘free love’ commune – Kommune 1 – often came up in my dad’s recollections of his late Sixties youth (Sadly, his own hippie plans of running off to Afghanistan were foiled by my mother, who couldn’t quite see the romance in trekking across Asia in a camper van).

3 responses to “Style muse: Uschi Obermaier

  1. Thank you for the discover! (I feel ashamed because you know Françoise Hardy and I don’t know Uschi Obermaier. (even if I ‘ve heard about Kommune 1).
    She’s really a style icon. Who is Rayner? The guy with long hair or the one on the last picture.

  2. What a beautiful mane of wild hair. I don’t believe she wasn’t using a hairdrying for that 😉

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