Weekend vintage frollics at Throwback

 So this Saturday I went to Throwback, the club night we put together as a collaboration between my other project The Vintage Guide to London and Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes.

I wouldn’t have needed the nerve-calming gin cocktails (but hey…) as everything turned out just fine. There was a huge crowd – sadly, mostly not in vintage garb- but everybody had a fantastic time.

Julie from Empire Vintage set up a stall selling amazing vintage goodies as well as cupcakes and delicious fudge, while the very stylish Naomi from Vintage Secret and her equally stunning team, which included Jeni from Yesterday Girl, brought her vintage dress up box, giving revellers the chance to get kitted out in original, breath-taking Victorian outfits. If I wouldn’t have been so busy running around I would have loved to have tried on one of her corsets.

Dana from amazing etiquette and social graces magazine Mien played cupid for the night –  people could leave little old-fashioned love notes on her notice board (I might have left a note for a certain gentleman…).

The acts went down a storm too – not surprisingly burlesque dancer Marianne Cheesecake impressed with her James Bond routine, while one of London’s best new bands, Los Locos had everyone enthralled during their set. Tiramisu  – who had people dancing with their 30s and 40s Blitz hits – rounded up the evening perfectly, even though the venue royally messed up with the sound settings.

I didn’t stay until the end but have been told people kept dancing until way into the morning. Phew. 

Thank you everyone for putting this together and bring on the next Vintage Guide event! 

click on images to enlarge

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