Topshop does 60s – well sort of

Their new collection is called ‘Demi Couture’ ( err, why?) and aimes to ‘exude girlish 60s charm’. In my opinion it’s as authentically Sixties as an Austin Powers fancy dress party, but saying that, I seriously like the black fur-collar coat, which I already have in green. Can I justify buying the same thing in two different colours?

I’m also rather taken by the lacy peter pan collar dress and the Greta mary janes. This might need further investigating in my lunch break…

3 responses to “Topshop does 60s – well sort of

  1. I hate Topshop clothes, especially when they’re ‘vintage’ inspired – haven’t you noticed that they stick massive exposed metal zips on everything? Also, with a little bit of effort and patience you can pick up something that’s actually vintage for a quarter of the price.

    Saying that, I love Topshop shoes and those Mary Janes are to die for. And that coat is really nice too…

    • Oh you mean the zips on their shift dresses, yeah noticed those too! I wandered around Topshop yesterday, I think what I dislike most is the Kate Moss vintage rip-off range…I would have totally bought those Mary Janes though if they’d had them in my size…

  2. “As authentically Sixties as an Austin Powers fancy dress party.”

    Thanks for my first happy belly laugh of the day!

    I tend to come out in hives within two miles of a Topshop – so it genuinely pains me to write this – but I’m smitten by the Peter Pan dress. Even if the lace is made of nylon… ;0)

    Sarah x

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