Things I get massively excited about

There will be a vintage furniture flea market in London next month – I’ve not been this excited in ages. The Vintage Furniture Flea (set up by Judy Berger, the woman behind Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair), will be selling affordable homewares and furniture from the 50s to the 70s.

The perfect opportunity to get it of the last bit if Ikea in my flat – cannot wait!

Sun 21 November
York Hall Bethnal Green

4 responses to “Things I get massively excited about

  1. OOOO that sofa, I want it! No where to put it though 😦
    G x

  2. Absolutely LOVE the danish design and also need an excuse to eradicate the IKEA that has taken over my flat too! I will be there with bells on. L x

  3. My boyfriend is visiting me this weekend and when I told him about this he g0ot stupidly excited so yeah, we will be there too.

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