All aboard the magic bus, err train

So what to do when you’ve got a day off on a chilly autumn morning in London? Well, drink gin and ride around on penny farthings of course! At least that’s what I got up to yesterday when I was invited to go and hang out at the Hendrick’s Horseless Carriage of Curiosities. Filled with all sorts of wonders from a taxidermied albino hedgehog to Tarot cards and old chemical decanters, the vintage railway carriage looks like something Dali might have dreamt of.

This cabinet of wonders was made even more exciting by the addition of delicious Hendrix gin cocktails (it was admittedly only ten in the morning but then as they say, it’s always five o’clock somewhere!), cup cakes and a whole bunch of amazing vintage bloggers and friends. Oh if only every day could be a Hendrick’s Day!


3 responses to “All aboard the magic bus, err train

  1. Lovely to see you on a chilly gin soaked day!

  2. I am so rubbish, only just catching up on all the Hendricks posts! So much fun wasn’t it x

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