Join the club

I can’t wait to see the Mad Men episode that sees the gang from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce head to a Playboy Club. I’m a big fan or early Sixties Playboy (my Dad has a few issues from the late 60s, which I am sure he only bought because of the seriously intellectual interviews on Vietnam, right…) and Playboy Clubs.

The first one opened in Chicago in 1960, and for a private membership fee of $25, keyholders could stop by for music, food and cocktails served by the club’s signature “bunnies” – hostesses and waitresses dressed in satin corsets, bunny ears and bushy white tails. It was a huge hit that however didn’t last long: the last club closed in 1982. I’m not surprised, given that Playboy these days is just a trashy mag featuring fake-titted, fake-tanned Barbie-look-a-likes instead of the subtle sex appeal and glamour of the Sixties bunny girls.


3 responses to “Join the club

  1. Ohhhh I wanna be a 60s bunny!

  2. I love 60s Playboy bunnies! My favourite is Melba Ogle (best name ever), she’s a total babe.
    That episode is a cracking one, by the way. Lane takes his Dad and Don to the Playboy club… little bit weird.

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