Style muse: France Gall

Yes my love affair with French Sixties singers continues. I love France Gall’s innocent charm – although her song Les sucettes (Lollipops) is anything but subtle, hardly a surpirse since it’s by Serge Gainsbourg.

Annie aime les sucettes

Annie likes lollipops
Les sucettes à l’anis
Lollipops of anise
Les sucettes à l’anis
Lollipops of anise
Of Annie
Donnent à ses baisers
Give her kisses
Un goût ani-
A taste of ani-
Sé lorsque le sucre d’orge
Seed, when the barley sugar
Parfumé à l’anis
Perfumed with aniseed
Coule dans la gorge d’Annie
Slides down Annies throat
Elle est au paradis
She is in paradise

6 responses to “Style muse: France Gall

  1. Thank you for choosing France Gall!
    Even later, during the eighties she still had a good look.

  2. Aah, that song is just brilliant, in a very smutty way. Fab.

  3. That picture with the smoke is super hot.

  4. I love her! I did one of my first ever blog posts about her haha

  5. Oooh had nearly forgotten France Gall – Lena, if you have any of her stuff (I’ve only got things on mixtapes…) we could do a french singers vs. charleston swap perhaps? x

    • Sadly, I’ve not got anything by her – it’s on top of my download list though so give me a few weeks and we’re on!

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