Are you looking at me?

Was Marc Jacobs influenced by Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, specifically Jodie Foster’s child prostitute character, for his SS11 collection? Over-sized straw hat with overturned rim? Check. Hotpants? Check. Deep reds and purples? Check. I love it!

8 responses to “Are you looking at me?

  1. Oh yes! That’s Jodi’s look! Great, I like it!

  2. I believe you are totally right! Not sure how I feel about that (then again, I’m one of the few people who never really felt right about seeing Lolita as a fashion icon to emulate). Am I just a prude or something?

  3. Jill, I don’t think it has anything to do with being prudish – sexualising young girls is never acceptable! Still, from a purely costume point of view, Foster’s red velvet platforms in Taxi Driver are one of my all time favourite film shoes…

  4. true, those shoes are gorgeous!! Don’t really like the doily pasties on the front of that one top, though 😉

  5. hey, super entdeckung! darf ich das demnächst für einen post verwenden? so wär mir das mit der kollektion gar nicht aufgefallen 🙂

  6. Hier mein “Trackback”:

    Danke Dir!;-) Wenn Dir sowas wieder auffallen sollte, kannst du Dich gerne bei mir melden!:D

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