I might actually be convinced by this

I never really write about beauty products, mainly because I tend to buy whatever is on offer rather than following some kind of routine. The only thing I have been doing religiously is slapping on sun protection. My skin is ridiculously sensitive to the sun with lots of freckles, and when I had to have a mole removed last year, I was told in no uncertain terms to wear sun cream every day whether summer or winter. Easier said than done – I’ve found it quite hard to find a good daily moisturizer with full SPF and UVA (the really bad rays that seriously damage skin) protection.

So Boots might just be my knight in shining armour as they have relaunched their already impressive No 7 Protect and Perfect range to include SPF15 and top notch UVA protection. I’ve been trying out their facial serum, eye serum and the day and night creams for a week now, and I am indeed impressed. Their range is as much about preventing skin damage as it is about repairing fine lines and wrinkles. I especially love their eye serum, which has eliminated the need for any under-eye concealer and my skin feels generally soft and smooth. So a big thumbs up – oh and no, Boots are not paying me to say this!

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