Bag lady

I need a new bag. One big enough to lug all my random crap around when I go to work. My current work bag is a vintage satchel so I’d like to get something different this time. Perhaps this black and white one from Orla Kiely (£210)?

Or perhaps this tapestry one from Topshop (£30)? More my price range… I have been looking for vintage bags too of course, but can’t seem to find one that’s big enough and not a satchel.

3 responses to “Bag lady

  1. The Orla Kiely is lovely. Could you use a vintage vanity case?

    • I thought about a vanity case but they are such an odd shape I’d be worried that everything would fall out every time I get my bus pass out. What sort of bag do you use?

  2. ooh they’re pretty, i think i prefer the orla kiely
    satchels are lovely, but seriously overrated at the moment

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