The London College of Fashion just behind Oxford Circus is relaunching its Fashion Space Gallery this September and rather excitedly their first exhibition, ‘Fastnacht’ be London based German photographer Axel Hoedt, will be about carnival in Southern Germany. This type of carnival – Fastnacht or Fasching – has been a life-long obsession for me.

Ever since I’ve seen my first Fastnacht parade as a little girl (I grew up in Southern Germany, Fastnacht being one of the very few local cultural aspects I still deeply identify with)  I’ve been utterly intrigued with the idea of masking yourself, the theatrical behind taking on a new persona, while most of the costumes and masks also have a deep cultural meaning and are linked to local figures, historical events or the old merchant guilds. I particularly like the eeriness of some of the figures – the devils, witches, ghosts – as well as the intricate details of the costumes, which are all handmade and often passed down from generation to generation.

Fastnacht by Axel Hoedt
Fashion Space Gallery, London College of Fashion
17 September – 14 November 2010

Fashion Space Gallery
20 John Princes Street

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