Fashion fail

I’m a huge fan of Biba and love what the brand embodied in the Sixties and Seventies – offering fashionable yet affordable clothes, glamour for the masses. Now three decades later and in a very different world of fashion retail, Biba is relaunching with a new collection exclusive to House of Fraser (available from 9 September).

Sadly, to me their collection is a huge failure. Rather than revisiting the brand’s heritage and rich history of prints and designs, they have come up with a WAG-tastic, cheap-looking range of crystal-embroidered jeans and animal print dresses that are neither fashionable nor worth the £50 – £400 they retail at.

It seems that if you do want to have a piece of iconic Biba design, vintage is still the only way to go.

6 responses to “Fashion fail

  1. Oh dear. It looks so similar to Lipsy it makes me wanna cry. Everything I hate in a brand. And I was so hopeful, them having Daisy as their spokesperson… we all know she’s a bit random and loves a bit of vintage. Sad face. xx

  2. Oh DEAR GOD! The first dress could be quite nice, but the jeans! *vomit* And then the last dress and fluffy handbag is completely hideous, looks like it has come from a cheap shop on the dodgy end of Oxford Street.

  3. Oh dear god, embroidered jeans?! To stay true to the original Biba would mean a very non-commercial collection, with billowing sleeves and old-fashioned colours. It could only work on a small, niche scale, not with a major department store behind it.

  4. Although it’s nice to have the label back I was concerned that it wouldn’t be true to the name and would go the same way that Ossie Clark’s new launch did, which failed I feel because it was nothing like Ossie Clark. Also I haven’t seen Barbara Hulanicki’s name anywhere and that worries me.
    Obviously this launch is in different era and I fear that this may have resulted in it being diluted and over commercialised to fit in with what’s hot now.
    Luckily I still have an original Biba shirt that I got from a charity shop for £3.99. I have used it in the background of The Maid in my Sindy’s Flickr Show.
    Like you said I can only hope this will encourage people to go vintage and find out about what the real Biba was all about.

  5. @luvfashionista – Very true – the Ossie Clark left me cold too.

    I love your Biba shirt, it’s a real treasure!

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