How to decorate – the vintage way

My love for vintage doesn’t just stop at my wardrobe, it’s also quite obvious in the way I’ve decorated my flat. Now, I live in a teeny tiny rented studio (that’s London for you…) where I’m not allowed to change anything or even hang up stuff on the walls thanks to my landlady. However, I’ve still managed to add quite a few vintage bits and bobs here and there, all of which were very cheap – or free in fact – but have a lot of personal meaning.

So here are my top tips for decorating the vintage way:

Tip no 1: accessories
The same way you add a belt, bag or necklace to your outfit, add pictures, frames and flea market finds to your home to truly make it your own space and let your personality shine through.

I picked up the bambi figurine for $3 at a flea market in New York, the picture is of my nan on a day trip out with my grandfather in the Thirties.

I bought these Thirties cigarette cards off eBay for next to nothing and simply framed them.

A few postcards and a Seventies radio – found at the monthly Rock’n’Roll jumble in London.

Again, just a few postcards and interesting storage boxes, also don’t be afraid to display your every-day items such as your glasses or hair accessories.

Tip no 2: add a vintage mirror

A vintage mirror (or even better, a whole wall full of them) is a great feature and makes a small space look larger. I got this Art Deco one at an Art Deco fair for just over £100.

Tip no 3: use vintage for storage

I use these vintage vanity cases to store books, hats and accessories. They make a great feature and add colour to an otherwise neutral room. I picked these up at various London vintage fairs, they were all under £15.

Tip no 4: don’t forget your bathroom

I use vintage everywhere, including my bathroom. This Sixties tea cup and saucer makes a great toothbrush holder.

A few Forties Pulp Fiction book covers add colour to my bathroom.

7 responses to “How to decorate – the vintage way

  1. Wow, your studio looks so creative and personal. I’m not allowed to do any major decorating either, but I love your vintage storage solutions. Thanks for the tips! x

    • Really glad you like the tips! I am still dreaming of one day living in a place I can decorate exactly the way I want..

  2. Me too! I keep saying ‘in my next flat’ etc…

  3. Great tips – I’ve also been collecting vintage copies of my favourite books. Serves a double purpose as I can read them or just leave them scattered around looking marvellous!

  4. I love the suitcases/storage. So cute.

  5. Great !! Loveso much the delicate cup for toothbruh!!!!
    Your grandmother was so styled !

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