Fantasy suitcase – what I’d love to take to Goodwood

I’m off to Vintage at Goodwood this Friday, hurrah! The weekend festival is a celebration of all things Forties to Eighties with plenty of bands playing, a vintage highstreet and all sorts of workshops and extra things to do. I’m incredibly excited to see The Faces re-unite to play on Friday night, despite the fact that Mick Hucknall will be part of the line up…

While I’ve got plenty of vintage to wear to Goodwood, I couldn’t help but head over to to do some fantasy shopping. Here’s what I’d pack in my ideal suitcase:

Sixties leopard print jacket and dress

Sixties style red velvet tuxedo dress

Sixties vintage patent shoes

Sixties vintage beaded bag

6 responses to “Fantasy suitcase – what I’d love to take to Goodwood

  1. Oh how exciting! I can’t wait to see all the Goodwood posts in the blogosphere next week, I wish I could have gone.

  2. Hmm Hmmm!! All gorgeous choices xx

  3. Lovely lovely stuff! I’ve come to expect nothing less 🙂
    Have a smashing time!


  4. Looks like the sixties is your favourite decade for fashion. Mine too! Helps that I have a short 60’s haircut to match! Enjoy Goodwood. I’d like to see what Lily Allen has to sell.

  5. I love the touch of leopard print, it is fantastic!

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