Style High Club meets Masha Ma

When the look book by designer Masha Ma landed in my inbox I was instantly intrigued by her mixture of very structural, harsh and sensual, vintage-esque tailoring.

Masha Ma completed her MA in Women’s Wear at Central Saint Martins in 2008. Her MA collection was selected to show at London Fashion Week and subsequently bought by B store. Not surprisingly she has been featured everywhere from Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar to Another Magazine, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel and Pop.

This season they showed during Paris Fashion Week and will be making their London debut for S/S11.

Here, I’ve caught up with Masha to find out more about her current resort collection:

What was the inspiration behind your current collection?

Masha Ma: The collection was inspired by Nancy Sinatra’s song, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. We used prints that had bullets on them and as embellishments, safety pins were used. We then used these elements in combination with soft feminine fabrics. A collection that was chic, yet had a touch of modern arrogance.

I really love your combination of tailoring and layers, very architectural and yet extremely sensual. How would you describe your approach to design?

Masha Ma:I always focus on the silhouette and how I can mould traditional shapes but maintain a level of seduction and desire. Semi-couture with designs that are bold yet intricate and focus on the unraveling of the female form.

My own personal style is heavily influenced by vintage, especially the late 30s and early 60s. Do past decades inspire you in your design process?

Masha Ma: In this collection I was heavily inspired by the 1950s, especially the silhouette. Although lately I have found myself trying to look forward instead of back, really focusing on what could be considered “futurism”.

What kind of woman do you see wearing your clothes?

Masha Ma: I see someone wearing my clothes that likes to dress in intelligent designs that are both elegant and sensual. She is a chic and modern woman, and without shouting for attention, looks for that extra bit of ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Where do you see yourself and Masha Ma in 5 and in 10 years time?

Masha Ma:Ha! At this point in time its hard to look beyond October.


One response to “Style High Club meets Masha Ma

  1. Love that golden (?) Suit and skirt!!

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