Reader give-away: £60 voucher to spend on

A while ago I entered a competition on new online shoe shop to win a trip to Paris. I didn’t win but as a thank you for all of you who voted, I’m now giving away a £60 voucher to spend on shoes at!

They’ve got a sale on at the moment so you should find yourself a great pair. I really love these classic, black Chelsea boots from the Continental Fashion Findings range, very simple and unfussy, but they’ll never go out of style and have that Sixties feel that I love. Naturally they aren’t cheap, I really always do like the most expensive things…

To enter the competition and get to spend £60 on a pair of shoes of your choice, please comment under this post and explain why you deserve to win a pair of Sarenza shoes. The most creative and convincing entry will be picked by me  at midday on Monday 9 August.

Good luck!

7 responses to “Reader give-away: £60 voucher to spend on

  1. If I don’t win these vouchers my feet, eyes and heart will cry and you will be responsible for an almighty flood in Cambridgeshire that will bring the county and beyond to a standstill and cause mass devestation to the vintage dresses I sob all over as I weep for the fact they have no complimentary shoes. Plus what girl *doesn’t* NEED a new pair of shoes?!!…..please? Pretty please?!

  2. I need these boots because, in order for one to be a true Chelsea girl in the style of Nico, one must also have the proper footwear. : )

  3. I need this voucher, because…
    Not only am I not old enough to have a student loan to spend on shoes and clothes (although that’s blatantly NOT what it’s meant for), I am not as fortunate as those who can wander around ‘The Village’ of Westfield freely, not having to worry about those security guards who give thirteen-year-olds dirty looks as soon as they step into Mulberry, just to rub the leather against your cheek, nothing more. Anyways, I need this voucher because, it would pretty much complete my life.. 🙂

  4. My footwear today demonstrates: Rain-soaked grey ballet pumps which stink. Inner soles (I need to keep them on my feet, one size too big) scunched and muddied and redundant. I don’t expect to win this. I just want to be in with a chance. No histrionics, no pleading, no OTTness. Just need a great pair of shoes to travel by Shank’s pony.

  5. And I can’t spell scrunched.

  6. My feet are tired my shoes have a hole
    I can’t go out for my daily stroll.
    I’m becoming unfit, I’ve got the blues
    All I need is a new pair of shoes.

  7. When I was studying French 22 years ago we were forced to spend a week in Paris; going to several cinemas every day,watching the films du jour & discussing them over un verre. As you can imagine, this was an arduous task which used a fair amount of shoe leather.
    My favourite film that week was Betty Blue. Never had I seen such stunning imagery and beautiful colours. It was a sight for sore eyes. From that day onward, Beatrice Dalle became my idol; tragic, uncontrollable and beautiful.
    I went on to teach French for many years. I wanted my students to experience that lurch in the stomach that I had experienced during the week where I believe I entered womanhood.
    I’m not able to do that job any more, my role is partly over. Now I’m left with the tragic Beatrice, unable to exert control over others and, sometimes, over myself. I still have dreams. One of them is to go watch Gainsbourgh, feeling that lurch again whilst knowing that my Sarenza shoes & choppily bobbed hair will take me back to that imaginary place where my love of colour, style and tragedy began. Please help me live it xx

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