NYC loot

I’m back from New York, which completely and utterly enthralled me with its cityscape and myriad of things to do and look at. Shoppingwise however, New York was quite the let-down, as expected I should say. None of the many vintage shops I went to is worth a mention (either ridiculously expensive or the most terrible selection of clothes) and sadly my budget didn’t stretch to really shop designer. I found plenty of other ways to spend my money though…

I loved The Strand Bookstore on Broadway

All the walking in 40 degree heat wrecked my feet so I had to get some new sandals. 

I love this vintage 60s bag, which I picked up for $20 at a flea market at Hell’s Kitchen.

3 responses to “NYC loot

  1. Oh no! I was expecting bigger things from The Big Apple. How come they always manage to look so fabulous on SATC?
    Loved the books & bag.

  2. I love that vintage bag! What a fabulous find.

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