Style Muse: Chloe Sevigny

There aren’t many contemporary actresses or ‘clebs’ that I really like , let alone whose style I admire, but Chloe is the exception to the rule.

She is beautiful without being your generic beauty. Her style is eccentric, always cool, always hip but she always remains true to herself.


modelling her collection for Opening Ceremony

(picture: Pudri)

3 responses to “Style Muse: Chloe Sevigny

  1. Awesome Blog!! 🙂 She rocks.

  2. WOW Chloe looks even better as i thought and I was already a fan !!!
    Now i Am (a) Bigger (fan) !

    Has and Can anyone send me the rest of the pics of this photoshoot !????

    Thanks !

  3. man. look at that bush too 🙂
    i love her to death.
    she is too pretty. plus,
    its awesome that she doesn’t
    shave. i hate it when girls shave! :/

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