I’ve joined the ginger club

In time for my birthday (I’ve got the big 3-0 coming up) I’ve died my hair red. And more 60s up do experimentations of course!

5 responses to “I’ve joined the ginger club

  1. oh wooooow you look greatttttttttttttttt !!! i love that colour

  2. Oh yes! You are great! i love ginger hair !
    (British people should appreciate it!)

  3. this is insanely gorgeous! can you give details on the color and style (tutorial or instructions? hint hint) so fabulous

    • stylehighclub

      Oh thank you! I actually had it done in a salon, Ninas Vinatge Hair Parlour in London. I’ve since redyed it though and have just used a regular supermarket colour, I think it was ‘deep strawberry blonde’ by L’Oreal, which came out exactly the same colour. As for the hair style, it’s basically a simple French twist in the back, done on back-combed hair and then the front section of the hair was curled and pinned down. I’ll try and get a tutorial together!

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