Vintage days out: Paris

I recently blogged about a fantasy day in Paris, and the kind people of Paris Ile de France  very generously paid for my Eurostar ticket to turn it into reality. Hurray!

So off I went on Saturday, straight off to the antique shops and vintage dealers of Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen, an area with – no exaggeration – hundreds of antique dealers and vintage stalls. It’s an overwhelming experience, I really had no idea where to start as there are so many amazing treasures to be found. You can get anything from old postcards to furnishings, tableware and linens. I was really drawn to the many vintage clothing shops and have honestly never seen such a stunning collection of designer pieces, so that’s where all the vintage Chanel and YSL has ended up at! I also loved the Edwardian and Victorian jackets on sale, many in pristine condition.

Many of the furniture shops focused on Fifties and Sixties, and I was really tempted to invest in a Fifties atom newspaper rack.

I had lunch at this most fabulous little restaurant in the middle of one of the markets. Not that the food was any good but there was a lady singing Edith Piaf and the wine was cheap, which made more than up for my soggy sausages.

After des Puces I headed off to the Marais for some window shopping and to have a look at some vintage shops there. I found two, Kiliwatch and Free P Star (Metro: Rambuteau), which were both stacked full of the nastiest, cheapest second-hand crap sold at such high prices I had to take a double look at the price tags. Certainly not worth a visit if you’re a spoilt Londoner who can shop for top-end and yet affordable vintage every day of the year.

After a quick stroll around Montmartre it was time already to head back for the train, it couldn’t have been a more fabulous day.

8 responses to “Vintage days out: Paris

  1. didn’t know the website paris ile de france 🙂 even as a parisian 🙂 that sounded like a nice day, montmartre where i live (did you go to the APC sales store?, i know you like it) and the puces…i never know where to start!

  2. Oh! Too bad you didn’t find the lovely Mam’zelle Swing in the Marais (rue Roi du Sicile, just off rue Vieille du Temple)– the things are gorgeous and the proprietress is wonderful and extremely knowledgeable.

    How did you get anyone to let you take photos in les Puces? I have a whole bunch of very blurry shots taken surreptitiously, as shop owners got quite stroppy any time I tried to take a photo of their lovely wares… 😦

    • Oh no this sounds great! Thanks for the tip, next time I’ll so check this out!

      I just went for it! Then again it was snowing and freezing cold so most of the stall holders were huddled up inside!

  3. oh, Paris! I can’t wait to meet you! 😉

  4. You went to Paris without me!!? OOOh you! Save it for July… in the sunshine :o) xxx

  5. A freebie… how did you wangle that one. I wish I could just hop over to Paris. That would be very exciting! God, I can’t wait :o) xx

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