Model behaviour

German women’s mag Brigitte has pledged to not use models any more. Instead, their fashion spreads will feature everyday women of all ages, ethnicities and sizes. Now Brigitte isn’t the most fashion forward magazine out there, I’ve never for example seen a ‘rock-chic’ spread so boring and conservative that it makes leather look like something you’d wear to a job interview in civil service. Which is why I am all the more surprised about their decision to ban models from their pages. PR stunt? Surely, but it’s also quite a revolutionary step for such a mainstream publication.

Are we – after the size zero Noughties – really tired of seeing skinny, predominantly white, mostly young girls in our fashion spreads? Well, I am. Which is why I increasingly read independent magazines, blogs and online zines rather than the biggies of the fashion press. Fashion has changed. It’s become democratic. Thanks to the internet street style and individual fashion looks have become as influential as the ever more recycled retro trends we see on the catwalks. So perhaps Brigitte is right to kick off the new decade with a magazine which shows that beauty too has become a democratic entity.

What do you think? Here are some of the girls who would like to model for Brigitte:



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