Simple shoes?

A while ago eco shoe company Simple Shoes got in touch and offered me a free pair of shoes. Hell, I wasn’t going to say no to that and chose the fabulous Pinwheel in black, it’ll be perfect for all the swing dancing I am planning to do next year.

I was ever so slightly confused when I opened the parcel and found one Pinwheel and a non-matching shoe. The included instructions explained that I’d have to go on a wild treasure hunt via Twitter to locate my other half, which had been sent to another, unknown blogger. I like games.

As it turned out the fabulous Queen Mary from Kingdom of Style was my shoe swapping partner, and now, after a quick exchange, I have a lovely matching pair.

I rather like the idea of connecting bloggers through a social network game, beats the usual soulless ‘here’s your freebie’. Although it would have been nice to be matched with someone a bit closer to home as London – Glasgow was just a tad too far to meet for a coffee.

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