Nothing gets between me and Sonia

Not even the prospect of having swine flu (I’ve got every symptom on the list) could stop me from leaving my death bed and going to H&M to stock up on the special Sonia Rykiel range they’ve launched today. Risking life and health (mine and others – although I took my germ gel, must have accessory of the moment) was well worth it, as this range is easily my favourite H&M designer collaboration so far.

I could have easily bought the whole lot, from pink lingerie sets to a black velvet bow dress. Sadly, the prettiest underwear only went up to a c-cup, which, I found rather frustrating. In the end I settled for black velvet pyjama pants and a matching jacket, perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons and so very 40s Hollywood. I also bought a light pink, floor-length silk dress, which can be dressed up – 30s hair, deep red lips- or down – a bit of black leather- as I feel like.

I can’t wait for the spring collection, which will feature Rykiel’s trademark kooky knitwear.

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