Is that a rat in your hair?

Ok. This is my outing as an admirer of taxidermy. Don’t get me wrong, I hate nothing more than people going off on safari and shooting a rhino to have as a tablestand in their living room. But using roadkill to make decorative jewellery is indeed something I like.

Central Saint Martins graduate Reid Peppard is not just a taxidermist but also an accessories designer. Her rat headpieces and pidgeon-wing necklaces have truly gotten me hooked. Ever since I had a guinea pig as a child I’ve loved rodents (I’m currently flat-sharing with a hamster) and it bugs me that so many see mice and rats as disgusting, disease-ridden vermin.

As macabre as Peppard’s pieces might seem at first glimpse, I can’t honestly see any difference to wearing a leather jacket considering she is only using those fallen victim to traffic and the pest control. Isn’t this up-cycling in its purest form?

New Picture

New Picture (1)

2 responses to “Is that a rat in your hair?

  1. Daaaaarn.

    A sequin-tailed rathat? That’s smart thinking.

  2. amazing

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