British street style: skinheads

I really love this article by Christopher Raymond Brocklebank on on skinheads. Excellent research and well written.


Skinheads have long been misunderstood. This subculture’s perceived links to far-right politics have somewhat soured their contribution to vintage style. To make claims for it is to hit a cultural nerve and be laid open to accusations of filtering out noxious ideologies in order to concentrate on aesthetics.

However, things are rarely as black and white as they seem, if you’ll pardon the expression, and while there were undoubtedly factions of racist and violent Skins – those who were afraid of everything and worked overtime pretending they were afraid of nothing – there were legions of other Skins whose way of life was a celebration not of whiteness, but of roots; they were working-class with class.

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One response to “British street style: skinheads

  1. Ooh. Great article. Thanks for linking!

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