Two words I love: YSL and vintage

This week sees the launch of Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘New Vintage’ capsule collection at Barney’s store in New York.It’s a limited edition collection which uses left-over fabrics from past seasons.

The ‘New Vintage’ range has been designed by Stefano Pilati based on their most iconic pieces, so expect YSL classics such as a Le Smoking tuxedo suit in a distressed Khaki cotton twill.



images: Getty

4 responses to “Two words I love: YSL and vintage

  1. This probably sounds a little unsophisticated, but I once went home, wearing my purse on top of my head in rainy day. (shoulder strap around my face to hold it still)
    People were looking at me funny (thou I cared more about not getting rained on), but I bet people would go, “wow! that’s innovative.” when they see it in YSL display.
    It’s kinda funny, haha. Thanks for posting this!

  2. aww, you are much too kind to say that. well, then what would you be? I come here to get inspiration,, haha.

  3. Thanks for the coverage !! YSL is doing it again – we are so excited 🙂 Read about it here:

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