Party like it’s 1942

I went to a London Blitz party yesterday and danced the night away to swing bands while clutching my ration book.




More pictures here

5 responses to “Party like it’s 1942

  1. You’re so great!!! A London Blitz party? I can’t believe it! Were there some handsome guys dressed in R A F uniform?

    • Oh everybody looked fabulous! Most of the guys were in uniform (GIs, sailors, RAF, etc) and the girls looked amazing in nylons or utility wear! It really was one of the best costume parties ever!

  2. You look fantastic in that dress and with that hair do. I’m genuinely jealous. 😉

  3. My band Twin and Tonic performed. What a fab party to be part of. Great audience, amazing costumes, great venue.

    I just love your matching hat a dress!

  4. Hi Karen,

    Oh I loved your band! Are you one of the two singers?


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