Ate logo

I am off to Brazil via Germany tomorrow, which means I will be shamefully neglecting this blog for the next month. Well, given my internet addiction, I will quite possibly be online again tomorrow…
Anyways, as I’m getting ready for Sao Paulo, here are some seriously well-dressed paulistanos:






4 responses to “Ate logo

  1. have nice holidays!! lucky u..send us some sun 🙂

  2. Brazil is so great! Sao Paolo is a crazy city, enjoy!

  3. wow amazing street style. all of this girls look absolutely fierce!

  4. Waiting for your Brazilian fashion report!!
    I “tagued” you!! (I don’t know how to tell it in English). Because I love your blog . You have just to pick up the logo ( on my blog)
    and give it to 6 or 7 other bloggers. I know this can look silly… I don’t have to wait for having a tag to tell you how much the pictures you choose inspires me!!

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