Style muse: Lauren Bacall

I swear my current fixation on sharply cut 40s dresses is entirely down to Lauren Bacall and my continuous re-watching of To Have and Have Not. To me Bacall is incredibly beautiful and sexual and yet still glamorous and sophisticated. Oh and if I should ever grow my hair long again, I vow to wear it in soft curls just like she did.


ftbaca1 stefanie_007

untitled1 lauren_bacall_20

images: various google

2 responses to “Style muse: Lauren Bacall

  1. I agree with you, curly styled hair like Bacall is great… just the spending time to get it scares me.
    ( your blog inspires me a lot… I don’t think that you noticed that the german girl i draw last time has the same hair style than you. Today, if you have time to see it, guess from who (from your blog) I got the inspiration!

  2. Lauren is legendary! And that’s an amazing movie with fantastic performances.

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