Terrorism chique


From the urban dictionary:

prada meinhof
Descriptive of those participating in political causes or campaigns who see marches or demonstrations as an alternative fashion show with themself as the main model.
“I see one of those globalisation campaigners is wearing Jimmy Choo shoes. How very Prada Meinhof. “

On one of my google tours I came across the London based Prada-Meinhof Gang, who have turned the iconography of German terrorist group Baader-Meinhof into a fashion/art thing. Boring. Using handgrenade and AK47 prints as a marketing tool? Yawn…

Terrorism and counter culture have been in fashion for ages, think Che Guevara T-shirts and PLO scarves. They are meant to give you that instant ‘I’m left-wing, I’m with the revolution’ credibility but to me they just make you look like a mindless twat…

What do you think? Is terrorism cool?

One response to “Terrorism chique

  1. I really don’t, even if the Prada-Meinhof logo is interesting… they could use their talent in a better way.

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