Pony girl

I almost choked on my coffee when I came across Berlin label Pony Maedchen. If I could (read: if I was rich enough not to work or not having to care about looking like a semi-respectable person), I would wear fancy dress on a daily basis. I have high hopes that when I’m old and retired I will be able to gamble away my childrens’ inheritance in Vegas hooked up to a portable oxygen tank and dressed as Wonder Woman. A girl must have dreams!

Pony Maedchen has all the right ingredients: it’s girly, it’s retro, it’s fun, oh bollocks to respectability!



pictures: ponymaedchen.de

4 responses to “Pony girl

  1. like the last two one a lot!!

  2. I can definately see you in this stuff aged 75 with a BIG glass of wine in your hand! I’ll be there baby, dressed in leather waiting for the number 16 bus with you in Nice!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  3. very classy and cool!

    a kiss!!!

  4. Ohhh loving it! Scrap the beer, it’ll be whiskey all the way mademoiselle!

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