Off the wall

Currently, my vain attempts at casual dressing have featured a lot of print T-Shirt, skinny jeans and trainers. Vans has become a bit of a favourite.


3 responses to “Off the wall

  1. Seriously I have been living in my Vans jeans for a while now. You really can’t beat $45 for black skinnies that I don’t mind roughing up while skating. I seriously bought 3 pairs of the same ones, I like them that much. I also don’t even need to get into how many shoe boxes full of Vans I have.

  2. So true! Last time I went to the States, I bought about 5 pairs of Vans alone. I had a suitcase full of trainers. I put on my most innocent smile as I walked through customs…

  3. sometimes there is nothing better than a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and those ones are perfect! i do have some t-shirts that i love and it is a timeless outfit!

    a kiss!!!

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