I think I would love to honeymoon there

Sorry for this post: it has nothing to do with fashion. However, I just had to share my excitement over what has got to be the most fantastic holiday resort in the entire world. The giant futuristic pods are located on the northern coast of Taiwan. Unfortunately, they have been completely derelict and incredibly, no one has ever holidayed there.

What makes this resort even more interesting, are the number of urban legends surrounding the ghostly ruins. Local folklore has it that several dead bodies and body parts where found when the houses were built. While the resort was constructed, a series of unexplained accidents killed a number of workers. And when it was decided to tear down the ruins, again for unexplainable reasons, construction workers died in mysterious circumstances.

I am most fascinated by the washed out pastel colours of this spaceage ghost town. For those who read German, there is an interesting article about the resort in Der Spiegel.


pictures: Spiegel.de

One response to “I think I would love to honeymoon there

  1. oooooh would get some great shots there how bizarre!


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