Everybody’s talking about China

I work just opposite the Chinese embassy, and the steady stream of protesters who gather outside my office on a daily basis have succeeded in making me think about China. Political controversy aside, this is a style blog after all, I think this is the most interesting time for Chinese design and fashion. China it seems, is just on the brink of moving on from a manufacturing country to establishing its own labels and brands. I am incredibly curious to see Chinese design emerge, and one of the first designers that has come on my radar is Shirtflag. I first came across the label when I went to the V&A’s China Now exhibition and bought one of their panda toys. Their T-Shirt designs ironically mix traditional Maoist propaganda images with Western logos but there are also plenty of original street wear images. I can’t wait until their first European store opens in London this winter.



pictures: streetflag.com

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