I demand to have some booze

My friend Michelle has threatened to dress like a Liverpudlian WAG unless I immediately post some Berlin street style. I shall oblige. To me, typical Berlin style is minimalist, classic, tailored with great accessories and a strong 80s influence.




pictures from Street Clash, Stil in Berlin and Facehunter

3 responses to “I demand to have some booze

  1. I love the way that the lady in yellow pants wore the scarf, fantastic, original, fresh!

    a kiss
    Love your blog,
    fantastic post!

  2. Hurray- shall be checking out the links too! I like the oversized shirt saw an episode of SATC where Carrie was wearing a big mans shirt pulled in with a belt and stilettos… I might need some tights and flat shoes tho!!



  3. Amazing! I have the shirt.. almost identical but i got the one with darker stripes to go with my black tights… it was just there.. for 8 quid in primark in all places!!!

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