Ich bin ein Berliner

Oh what a week! I could have continued life like this forever. Leisurely breakfasts, bits of sightseeing, shopping and bar hopping in Hackescher Markt and Prenzlau. Evenings spent in Kreuzberg. An amazing Radiohead gig and a haunting trip to Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

Berlin is the only place in Germany that gives me the stinging feeling of homesickness, its topography will forever be the landscape of my dreams.

I love Berlin’s unpretentiousness and the casual style of its inhabitants. Where London is so theatrical, like a giant dressing up box, Berliners dress down deliberately, it’s all about sharp, strong silhouettes, understatement instead of egocentric inscenation. I can’t wait for Berlin fashion week, due to take off on Monday.

moi at the East Side Gallery

me and my travel companion extraordinaire Irma

One response to “Ich bin ein Berliner

  1. I LOVE the top pic of you! Very sexy and oh so chic! Berlin style sounds great… any examples so i can rip it off in cheery chappy Liverpool 😀


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