I just love Jean Seberg in A bout de souffle. Her Harald Tribune T-shirt, stripy top and boyish crop are just amazing.



5 responses to “Breathless

  1. Go short haired girls! Hurrah! 😀

  2. Was in Paris last week where I visted Jean’s grave, sad that her grave looked so untidy like it hasn’t been touched in years….
    Jean will be 70 very soon
    A sassy beautiful sensual lady who was a leading light light for social injustice every where.
    They don’t make them like that anymore:)
    Thanks for the photos
    Johnny , Ireland

  3. She was sublime.

  4. Beautiful beyond description in ‘ Breathless ‘. It’s sad to reflect that it has been 30 years since Jean Seberg left us. It seems like yesterday.
    –PS, in the 1950s & early to mid 1960s, her sexy hair-cut was not considered boyish ; girls loved to show their faces back then & were very sexy !

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