Green goddess

Eco guilt has caught up with me. I think I live a fairly green life: I recycle, don’t have a car, save as much electricity and water as possible and buy food at my local market. That’s because I do care but also largely cause I don’t have much money and quite simply can’t afford to have a car for example anyways.

However, to my shame, I have never really thought about the eco friendliness of clothes. A long conversation with my Brazilian friend Leti about shoe production in her home town and Marie Claire’s current green issue have got me thinking. Do I really want to endorse cheap cotton full of pesticides, child labour and sweat shops just so I can have another pair of £3 knickers?

There clearly is a way to be fashionable and green:

Wildlifeworks Havoc mac

Annie Greenabell dress

Enamore bra

Keep trainers

Vivien Cheng clutch

2 responses to “Green goddess

  1. I agree totally with you. We try to live as eco a life as possible and buy many of our clothes from thrift shops. There is no shame in that. However for new clothes we always look for made in Canada and I really mean made in Canada – not grown cotton in Canada and then shipped to China to be sewn up then shipped back……..

    So for us the option now is to buy organically grown clothes only. They are more expensive but at least we know that we are going that extra mile.

    Also when it comes to cards we also try and send as many e cards as possible – this saves trees being destroyed just for some one to look at a card, stick it on the shelf for a week then bin it or burn it!!

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