Hello Mr Benjamin

My friend Alice just reminded me of the ridiculously high postage costs of ordering stuff from the US, which basically ruin the advantage of the low dollar.

But fret not, there is a solution: MyUS.com. Basically you sign up for a US mailing address, to which you then get all your online purchases send at national delivery rates. You can view your purchases online, and when you feel like having them send to wherever you are, MyUS will forward them to you. Genius.

I first read about this when Susie Bubble used the service to get some shoes from Forever21.

4 responses to “Hello Mr Benjamin

  1. Hmm… sounds good but too complicated for my little brain.. Do they actually send it to this random address?

  2. Yep they do. You get an actual street address in the US to which you can get things shipped to. I can feel the good old credit card itching as we speak…

  3. yup, i can hear my card calling to me, even if i don’t get the whole process!

  4. @ Alice, its a no brainer- there are sites that sometimes dont cater to internal buyers like us. So, like stylehighclub mentioned using a co that will halep facilitate that! I had used Myus in the past but they turned out too expensive on some stuff and some reviews on them weren’t that interesting either. So, I found a similar co called Shipito who provided me the services for low low prices. So, Alice when you buy stuff online just give them the US address that Shipito gives you and once shipito guys rcv your parcel they will go ahead and forward it to you. That simple! Great blog style high club :))

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